Monday, July 13, 2009

Fashion Show and Masquerade

Socializing is always fun, we were invited to Aurelie's Masquerade Ball. Unfortunately I don't remember her last name. I remember that she was a very elegant AV and we were delighted to be included on her invitation list.

I got Frankie Beach to make me an outfit and masks for us both. Garth wore his best tuxedo.

We arrived early (you know the Brits, always on time you know old chap!). People were already congregated

The d├ęcor in her castle was lavish and everyone in the crowd well known. We mingled with the group and had a wonderful time chatting with our friends.

A contest was held to choose the most elegantly dressed man. Garth is on the steps bottom left. I don't remember the winner of that night. Is that Shadow Weaver in the center of the staircase?

Then it was the ladies turn to descend the red velvet covered staircase to be judged as the fairest of the evening. I can tell you this, it wasn't me! Heh We did have a grand time though. That must be Candie Apple with the fairy wings.

Fashion shows were elaborate and fun. They were just as laggy then as I can imagine they are today. The following are pictures of a fashion show put on by Fey Brightwillow and organized by Baccara Rhodes.

First off were the inevitable bathing suits! I am sorry I didn't jot down any of the model's names.

Then they showed all the new day wear.

Next up was all of the elegant evening wear. Pictured at the podium are Fey Brightwillow and Baccara Rhodes.

Then to end the evening in style Fey showed us the latest in bridal fashion. Brides are ever popular in Second Life.

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  1. Aurelie's last name was Starseeker :)

    -- Eggy