Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coney and Luna

2003-09-26 Coney & Luna - fc size
In September 2003 the Lindens created a two region area for an amusement park.  People were allowed their own square of land to recreate a fun ride for all of the Second Life residents to enjoy.
Garth was asked to script a Volcano Ride.
2003-09-11 Volcano Ride 12 - fc size
One would hop into a dragon when it came into the landing and it would take you around and through a volcano on a roller coaster ride.
2003-09-11 Volcano Ride 11 - fc size
Garth put a lot of work into that ride,  I wish I could remember who built it and commissioned him to script it. 
Slate water ride - fc size
Linkin and Nyna Slate built this refreshing water ride.
2003-10-15 Luna 01 - fc size 
2003-10-15 Luna 02 - fc size
2003-10-15 Luna 03 - fc size
In front of Sinatra Cartier’s Spook House (which is still around some place in SL) with some of our old Americana Group friends.  Garth is in the camo and to my right is Ironchef Cook and the green Hulk is Bonecrusher Slate.
I wish I could find the rest of my pictures.  There were lots of fun things to do,  bumper cars, roller coasters etc etc.  I don’t remember how long Coney and Luna were up,  but early on in 2004 Coney disappeared and Luna was made into a Linden sponsored shopping gallery.

More soon!  My next post will be about our Second Life Wedding on November 22. 2003

Love to you all from Pituca…………….

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Of Revolutions, Cats and House Warmings

During this time also there was a revolution mounting in Americana led by fleabite Beach.  You can read about it in Hamet Au’s New Word News . He was known as Hamlet Linden then,  SL’s own embedded journalist.
Americana Revolution Flea and Pituca - fc size 
Picture of fleabite and me is our revolutionary garb.
Garth in the Revolution 002
Garth (the Cheeky Brit) was stunning in his American Flag Tee shirt!
Last of Americana  001 Oct 20 2003 - fc size
Unfortunately Americana closed in mid October of 2003, we just couldn’t afford the weekly taxes on a whole region anymore.  Remember this was before US$ were used and we all lived off stipends and what money we were able to earn selling things. This is Garth and me in front of the Memorial Spire that Ramon Kothari put up.  It is still there in the Blue region.
An ad Garth made for his stunt helicopter.  This is before we combined our names after we were SL married.  That is my lighthouse on our Clyde property.
During that time Garth and our good friend CrowCatcher Valen hired Baccara Rhodes to help them throw a big inauguration of Fairlight Flight and Crow’s Music Store. 
012 Fairlight Flight Premiere Party-fc size 
It was held next to the Chrysler Building (which Crow built) in Americana (Blue region).  A large number of Avatars attended and oohed and aahed at the stunts Garth’s planes could perform.
Fairlight Flight 007 - fc size 
Fairlight Flight 008 - fc size
Chrysler Building Oct 2003 - fc size
You can still pick up this stunt plane at our Lighthouse Store in FairChang Calypso.  All free now!
We then hired Baccara to organize us a house warming for our new island home in Clyde.  We named the island “Las Brisas”.  Fey Brightwillow designed and made my dress as well as a a gift of a halter top for the ladies and a matching shirt for the men.
013 Las Brisas Fiesta 10-7-03_002 - fc size
What a wonderful island it was and Bacca did a bang up job decorating it.  As you can see we had a marina and a sea water swimming pool on the lower level then the second level was our home.  Then stairs up to the runway and hangar.  The party was up on the runway.

Las Brisas Fiesta 10-7-03 - 002 - fc size
That is CrowCatcher Valen to the left and Baccara Rhodes, but I don’t know who she is chatting with.  We had a wonderful time.
Hallowe'en moon in Taber - 2003 - fc land
Remember when Linden Lab changed the sun and the moon for special days?  This is the moon over Taber on Hallowe`en.  Garth and I are hovering over the Apartment House he built.  We got some nice rents on them for a while.  The building was never full tho………….
Then someone built a cemetary in Clyde for Hallowe`en celebrations and put up these headstones!  hehehe
Graveyard 01 - fc size
Well it has been a long time since I have blogged here, but time to get the few tidbits I remember down before I forget them all.  I am afraid that a lot is out of order but I am sure you will enjoy looking back with me.
Chat at you later!  Love from Pituca.