Monday, July 13, 2009

Fashion Show and Masquerade

Socializing is always fun, we were invited to Aurelie's Masquerade Ball. Unfortunately I don't remember her last name. I remember that she was a very elegant AV and we were delighted to be included on her invitation list.

I got Frankie Beach to make me an outfit and masks for us both. Garth wore his best tuxedo.

We arrived early (you know the Brits, always on time you know old chap!). People were already congregated

The d├ęcor in her castle was lavish and everyone in the crowd well known. We mingled with the group and had a wonderful time chatting with our friends.

A contest was held to choose the most elegantly dressed man. Garth is on the steps bottom left. I don't remember the winner of that night. Is that Shadow Weaver in the center of the staircase?

Then it was the ladies turn to descend the red velvet covered staircase to be judged as the fairest of the evening. I can tell you this, it wasn't me! Heh We did have a grand time though. That must be Candie Apple with the fairy wings.

Fashion shows were elaborate and fun. They were just as laggy then as I can imagine they are today. The following are pictures of a fashion show put on by Fey Brightwillow and organized by Baccara Rhodes.

First off were the inevitable bathing suits! I am sorry I didn't jot down any of the model's names.

Then they showed all the new day wear.

Next up was all of the elegant evening wear. Pictured at the podium are Fey Brightwillow and Baccara Rhodes.

Then to end the evening in style Fey showed us the latest in bridal fashion. Brides are ever popular in Second Life.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Of Show and Tell

Show and Tell was one of the popular Mentor held events on the old Stage 4, which was on the corners of Ahern, Dore, Morris and Bonefacio. I dug though my HD for pictures from the summer and fall of 2003.

We were given L$1,000 for each Show and Tell, L$500 to divide amongst the winners at the Show and Tell and the other L$500 for ourselves. We would write up a plug on a notecard and pass it on to the Linden on duty, be it Char, Jeff, Michael or Lee and they would put out a grid wide announcement.

Here I am on the top row of Stage 4 with Linkin and Nyna Slate, standing is Jeff Linden who often was an imposing presence at Mentor events.

An impressive Dragon, I wish I had noted who brought it to Show and Tell. I think the Mentor hostess was Alexis Fairchild.

Soren Romulus showing off his new Avatar and outfit.

One evening Washu Zebrastrip showed up to share this Avatar she had made.

Valfaroth Grimm, a very talented resident, brought this huge skeleton to Show and Tell.

Hiro Yamamoto brought his Globe of the world for all of us to admire. As you can see it is immense, and long before megaprims and sculpties.

Devlin Gallent made an Android Avatar and passed it out at the event. Several of us put in on and joined him on the stage. I am the one with the gold hair.

More later about Show and Tell and other events on the old Stage 4.

Chat at you later

Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving to Clyde


I was flying around Clyde one day and found a great island that had 'gone public'.

Remember in those days one more often than not just released land no longer wanted. It went back to the Lindens and could be purchased again for a L$1 a 16mX16m square. There was no currency exchange back then either. We lived on stipends, bonuses and what ever sales we were able to generate.

I took Garth over to see it and we thought it a great place to put our new house and plenty of room for him to put up a hangar and runway. So I bought it for us. It was on the northern edge of Clyde.

A newly minted Avatar came up to us on the new island, Trent Hedges, he ended up buying a parcel not far from us and set about making the most fabulous scripted motorcycles. Also sometime after that another newcomer, Cubey Terra, bought the land right behind Trent.

Garth got busy right away moving our house and adapting it to our new surroundings. Our new bedroom went under the runway.

Our bedroom backed onto the edge of the sim.

A funny aside, back then when a sim went down when you logged back in you rezzed into the next sim over. Although Clyde was PG next to us was Hawthorne an M sim. Very often we would see half naked and/or naked Avatars rez right out of our bedroom window. They would hurriedly put on clothing while they were waiting for Hawthorne to pop back up again. I might add that as small as SL was in those days most were friends or acquaintances. hehe

I wasted no time bringing over my lighthouse to our new island in Clyde and then I set to the landscaping of our new home and building the marina.

I love making ponds and landscaping around them. I even have a little deer grazing.

Chat at you later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Friends I

We had and still have some great friends in Second Life.

Zebulon Starseeker and I used to hang out a lot together when I was in Shipley. He startled me one day when he showed up dressed like a schoolmarm!

Jack Orlowski, the self proclaimed War Lord of Jessie was a great friend of mine, he used to visit me frequently in Shipley and would keep me stocked with his latest creation in guns.. After Garth and I moved in together he continued visiting and he and Garth also became good friends.

And we dropped in frequently at his bunker in Jessie. I haven't seen Jack in a long time now and he is not listed in Search.

One day while sightseeing around the grid I took this picture of us hovering over Taber, one can see Ama Omega's Casino below.

Little did we know that day how intricately we would be involved in the history of Taber over the next five years.

Another fun friend of ours is Loki Pico, we ran into him often on our travels. You will see more of him later, he is a very colorful part of Second Life.
It's Loki Pico, He and She!

Bonecrusher Slate was a special friend, a great builder. You can see his Bonecrusher Hall on our home sim of FairChang Village. He was a very active member of the Americana Group and was responsible for many of it's fabulous builds. He built the original landmark build of Americana, the famous Fanway Park. Unfortunately it was lost when he left SL after receiving his Doctorate. You can find a pretty good copy of it that Garth built for Americana Redux back in 2007. In FairChang Vista NE.

One day Jai Nomad and I were touring SL and ran into a newly created Avatar (that is a polite way of saying noob) Jeri Garcia!

Newbie Misty Rhodes moved into Federal, the sim next to where I had my land. I passed by and she was busily building her house. I stopped and helped her with her pool and waterfall. We have been friends ever since even though we don't see each other often.

Then there was our great good friends Oda VonLenard and Sinatra Cartier. We four were hanging out on the beach together when Garth asked me to be his flat mate. I don't see Oda anymore, I am told she isn't in SL anymore. But of course Sin is famous for his wonderful rendering of Frank Sinatra's music. He came to sing at my 5th Rez Birthday. He is a great and generous good friend.
Zana Feaver and her alter ego… hehe

Chat at you later