Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving to Clyde


I was flying around Clyde one day and found a great island that had 'gone public'.

Remember in those days one more often than not just released land no longer wanted. It went back to the Lindens and could be purchased again for a L$1 a 16mX16m square. There was no currency exchange back then either. We lived on stipends, bonuses and what ever sales we were able to generate.

I took Garth over to see it and we thought it a great place to put our new house and plenty of room for him to put up a hangar and runway. So I bought it for us. It was on the northern edge of Clyde.

A newly minted Avatar came up to us on the new island, Trent Hedges, he ended up buying a parcel not far from us and set about making the most fabulous scripted motorcycles. Also sometime after that another newcomer, Cubey Terra, bought the land right behind Trent.

Garth got busy right away moving our house and adapting it to our new surroundings. Our new bedroom went under the runway.

Our bedroom backed onto the edge of the sim.

A funny aside, back then when a sim went down when you logged back in you rezzed into the next sim over. Although Clyde was PG next to us was Hawthorne an M sim. Very often we would see half naked and/or naked Avatars rez right out of our bedroom window. They would hurriedly put on clothing while they were waiting for Hawthorne to pop back up again. I might add that as small as SL was in those days most were friends or acquaintances. hehe

I wasted no time bringing over my lighthouse to our new island in Clyde and then I set to the landscaping of our new home and building the marina.

I love making ponds and landscaping around them. I even have a little deer grazing.

Chat at you later.

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