Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Friends I

We had and still have some great friends in Second Life.

Zebulon Starseeker and I used to hang out a lot together when I was in Shipley. He startled me one day when he showed up dressed like a schoolmarm!

Jack Orlowski, the self proclaimed War Lord of Jessie was a great friend of mine, he used to visit me frequently in Shipley and would keep me stocked with his latest creation in guns.. After Garth and I moved in together he continued visiting and he and Garth also became good friends.

And we dropped in frequently at his bunker in Jessie. I haven't seen Jack in a long time now and he is not listed in Search.

One day while sightseeing around the grid I took this picture of us hovering over Taber, one can see Ama Omega's Casino below.

Little did we know that day how intricately we would be involved in the history of Taber over the next five years.

Another fun friend of ours is Loki Pico, we ran into him often on our travels. You will see more of him later, he is a very colorful part of Second Life.
It's Loki Pico, He and She!

Bonecrusher Slate was a special friend, a great builder. You can see his Bonecrusher Hall on our home sim of FairChang Village. He was a very active member of the Americana Group and was responsible for many of it's fabulous builds. He built the original landmark build of Americana, the famous Fanway Park. Unfortunately it was lost when he left SL after receiving his Doctorate. You can find a pretty good copy of it that Garth built for Americana Redux back in 2007. In FairChang Vista NE.

One day Jai Nomad and I were touring SL and ran into a newly created Avatar (that is a polite way of saying noob) Jeri Garcia!

Newbie Misty Rhodes moved into Federal, the sim next to where I had my land. I passed by and she was busily building her house. I stopped and helped her with her pool and waterfall. We have been friends ever since even though we don't see each other often.

Then there was our great good friends Oda VonLenard and Sinatra Cartier. We four were hanging out on the beach together when Garth asked me to be his flat mate. I don't see Oda anymore, I am told she isn't in SL anymore. But of course Sin is famous for his wonderful rendering of Frank Sinatra's music. He came to sing at my 5th Rez Birthday. He is a great and generous good friend.
Zana Feaver and her alter ego… hehe

Chat at you later

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