Tuesday, June 30, 2009

September 2003

I didn't realize how long it has been since I blogged here. After I moved into Garth's flat in the Blue region that the Americana group owned I made a roof garden on top of his apartment building. We sat up there a lot and chatted with friends.

Here we are on the roof garden with CrowCatcher Valen and Fleabite Beach.

They both would stand up for us in our SL wedding and 3½ years after in our RL nuptuals. Flea is still my dear friend.

In September Garth decided he wanted to build a house for us on my property in Shipley. I told him I liked California ranch with lots of windows. Also I needed 5 meter ceilings, as I dislike being in a building where I can't move and see easily.

I sent him some pictures off the internet and he did his own research and came up with what I consider a fabulous build.

It basically was only a large living room with dining ell. To this day we still use that house. Of course it has been modified a lot over the years, but the bones are still the same.

This is the finished product in Shipley. You can see today's version in FairChang Village

Char Linden asked us to come up with some new games to play,, so Garth and I brainstormed and finally came up with 'Jeopardy' and 'Limericks'. In those days the Mentors were paid L$500 to host events such as Show and Tell, Trivias, puzzle games etc.

Limericks was fun, people had to come up with an original Limerick to recite and at the end everyone would vote for the best, we had L$500 given us by the Lindens to hand out as prizes.

I held the Limerick contest on the roof deck of our house. Garth participated one evening with his limerick:

There is a young lass I call Hunny
Who loves to build but it's funny
whenever she does
you should see such a fuss
I get doubles of things except, Hunny

Those contests were lots of fun except that because we lived in an 'M' region some got a little racy and in the end I suspended the Limerick evening.

Enough for today, chat at you later.