Friday, November 4, 2011

Welcome Area and Prelude

On or about December 9th of 2003,  the Lindens announced that Second Life tier was going to be paid for in US$.  Well that set off a large hue and cry from the populace.  We had only dealt in the ‘monopoly money’ of L$.  Fake,  fun to manipulate but in the final analysis didn’t cost us anything.  We were used to Stipends and paying taxes on our usage of prims and of course land.  But land was acquired at L$1 a 16m square.  When you wanted to move you just released it and it went “Public Land”  and the next fellow could buy for L$1 a 16m square……  I bought and abandoned all the time!  But now we were going to have to pay Linden Lab a monthly tier in US currency for the use of all lands.
There was a big protest in the Welcome Area located in Ahern.
Welcome area3 Dec 9 2003
That’s Philip Linden in the center.
Welcome area2 Dec 9 2003
Garth and I are in the front.  Off to the left is the ‘Hulk’ Bonecrusher Slate and next to him is Fleabite Beach.  Off to the right with the purple hair is Haney Linden.  Philip Linden is right in front of Garth and me.
The next day we visited Loki Pico, he was living in a cave in Oak Grove which was a region owned by the Lindens and not for public occupancy.  Loki set up there,  I don’t know how he managed but he lived there as a hobo for quite some time.
Loki's Hideout in Oak Grove
Sometime in October Garth had made an Alt to help him in testing his products.  One of the names on the list was Butler so he choose Jeeves!  Since Garth had a butler I decided I needed a housekeeper so on December 11, 2003 I acquired Prudence Greenacre.  I tried to think up an uptight Brit name and that was the best I could come up with given the choice of last names I had. 
I thought you might like to see the pictures I took of her in Prelude.  That is what it was called in those days………. Later it would be called Orientation Island.
Pru in Prelude 01 fc size
Learning to chat with the Parrot.
Pru in Prelude 02 fc size
Appearance changing area.
Pru in Prelude 03 fc size
Learning to grab and move things.
Pru in Prelude 04 fc size
Click on the green hand and get the heck out of there!  hehe
Notice the maps?  That is as big as the world was back then in December 2003.
Chat at you later!  Next time it is Monopoly and Christmas Trees.