Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friends in Clyde

One day in our living room in Clyde these wonderful Avatars landed out of nowhere. They were the newbies Neferon Kuroda and Aynen Kuroda. They continued to visit us when they were in SL. I called them the Viking Twins in spite of their laughing denial saying they were from the Netherlands. They were a stunning pair.

Every now and again violence would erupt in the neighboring sim of Jessie and they would invade Clyde, we would take to the air in one of Garth's helicopters to defend ourselves and drive the invaders back.

Trent Hedges went into partnership with Lola Bombay who was another neighbor of our's in Clyde, Trent's shop was just next to our island parcel. This is a picture of the grand opening at his place.

Another newly minted Avatar, Cubey Terra, bought his first parcel directly to the south of Trent's motorcycle shop. I don't have any early pictures of him. But more later!

The always irrepressible Derek Jones popped over to visit

Shadow Weaver had a very impressive dragon on display in Taber, it was very primmy but a wonderful sight. Here I am perched on Big Red's nose.

A young girl named Jade Lily established residence next to us, but in Hawthorne, the next sim over. We visited her on occasion and she frequently consulted with Garth about scripting. Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of her either.

Frankie Beach had a dress shop in Stanford with her partner Honey Beach. We became fast friends with Frankie.

Chat at you later, Pituca

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