Saturday, July 11, 2009

Of Show and Tell

Show and Tell was one of the popular Mentor held events on the old Stage 4, which was on the corners of Ahern, Dore, Morris and Bonefacio. I dug though my HD for pictures from the summer and fall of 2003.

We were given L$1,000 for each Show and Tell, L$500 to divide amongst the winners at the Show and Tell and the other L$500 for ourselves. We would write up a plug on a notecard and pass it on to the Linden on duty, be it Char, Jeff, Michael or Lee and they would put out a grid wide announcement.

Here I am on the top row of Stage 4 with Linkin and Nyna Slate, standing is Jeff Linden who often was an imposing presence at Mentor events.

An impressive Dragon, I wish I had noted who brought it to Show and Tell. I think the Mentor hostess was Alexis Fairchild.

Soren Romulus showing off his new Avatar and outfit.

One evening Washu Zebrastrip showed up to share this Avatar she had made.

Valfaroth Grimm, a very talented resident, brought this huge skeleton to Show and Tell.

Hiro Yamamoto brought his Globe of the world for all of us to admire. As you can see it is immense, and long before megaprims and sculpties.

Devlin Gallent made an Android Avatar and passed it out at the event. Several of us put in on and joined him on the stage. I am the one with the gold hair.

More later about Show and Tell and other events on the old Stage 4.

Chat at you later

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