Monday, May 17, 2010

My 7th Rez Day

Today I am celebrating my seven years in Second Life!  No party this year though.  I will celebrate by showing you some snaps of parties of years gone by.
Our first party was on the roof (I call it the Widow’s Walk,  as you can go up there and see all the sailors at sea) of our Lighthouse Store.  In 2004 we had it on top of the large island in Tilitr.  Of course Baccara Rhodes decorated it and set up the tables and made cake!  As you can see I finally learned how to zoom out and take pictures from above :-)
May17`04 Birthday party
We still use the Lighthouse Store, you can visit it on FairChang Calypso SW
Garth made a new car to pass out to all our guests at my first Rez Day party.  Here he is showing it off at a Show and Tell on Stage 4.
May17`04 Garth's May 17th car  I see Khamon Fate sitting in the back ground!
In 2005 we now owned our own Estate Island – FairChang Island, at that time located  just south of the sandboxes.  Baccara Rhodes and her Spellbound group  set up a large dance floor on the top deck of our liner.  We lived on the Liner at that time.  We held the party in conjunction with Cristiano Midnight, Fleabite Beach and Maggie Miller who all have the same Rez date that I do.
May 17`05 People watcher
May17`05 Dancing
Nyna Slate made the dance floor, it changed texture every few minutes. I wish I remember who the DJ was,  he really dug deep to find the kind of music I wanted.  I think it was Disco that year! 
May 17`05 Dancing 02 Garth and me in the foreground,  fleabite just over my head in pink.
May 17`05 Pendari Lorentz Pendari Lorentz
I don’t remember having a party in SL in 2006, probably because Garth and I were married in RL just 10 days earlier.  And I guess 2007 slipped past us also as I can’t find any pictures of it. 
But 2008 was a big year as I turned 5 years old in SL time!  We threw an all day bash on FairChang Expo.  Montana Lauresia was in charge and we had some great entertainment. 
5th Rez Day invite First on the list was Sinatra Cartier,  a great friend and who was there back in August 2003 when Garth asked me to be his flat mate.
May17`08 Sinatra Cartier
We had some great entertainment during the day, including this Japanese Dance troup.
May17`08 Japanese dancers 01
May17`08 Dancing with Garth
edit at 10am = I just logged into SL and I am wearing the same outfit!  Too funny.
Lots of dancing too, we had a great time.
No party last year either…. 
Chat to you all later!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Burning Man

The first annual Burning Man was held in August 2003, the Lindens had added some new regions to the north with color names,  I don’t remember exactly which ones were reserved for Burning Man,  just that one of them was Chartreuse.

This is a picture of a good friend and former neighbor of mine, Daemioth Sklar.

Dae Sklar - Burning Man 8-03

Someone there at the Burning Man built an altar to Hamlet Linden, now know as Hamlet Au.  Here he is admiring the altar!

Hamlet admiring his altar at Burning Man 8-03

Another shot of the Burning Man Venue,  I am in the forefront,  the fellow at the rear with the pony tail and sword is Ironchef Cook.  Ironchef built the Koolaid Man which was a big hit,  unfortunately I have searched and searched and can’t find a picture of it.

Burning Man 8-23-03

Crowcatcher Valen built this cross.  If you look in the foreground you can see a pool.  That was my contribution to Burning Life.  Ananda Sandgrain built some mud baths and made muddy outfits for everyone to wear.  So I had the bright idea to make a pool to clean up in after the mud bath.  I found a foamy seawater texture and made it rotate slightly and voilá a sudsy pool.  It was a hit,,, hehehe


I am in my camo shorts in the foreground

Burning Man 8-28-03

There was a gathering toward the closing of the Burning Man,  I was there but can’t tell you what was discussed.  You can get an idea of what our UI was like in those days.  Wow, I had L$17,074!  Remember those were the days when we only lived on Linden stipend and what we could sell.  We had to pay taxes for rezzing prims, light, land tax etc, etc, etc,

Burning Man2 8-03

The picture of the Burning Man… 

Pituca at Burning Man 8-03

Chat at you all later!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trial 1.1 in September 2003

In September the Linden's made a copy of several sims and we were invited to go and try out our stuff for the launching of 1.1.  That's when vehicle scripting came in.

Our good friend Neferon Kuroda rezzed in next to me in one of the testing areas.

I was there when Loki Pico arrived and caught this picture of him still unrezzed.

They had a copy of Prelude there also.  That was what Orientation Island was called back then.  It was interesting seeing a copy of where I had arrived in SL four months earlier.

Following are some of my pictures of residents testing in Test 1.1.  A couple of the residents are wearing clothing that says 'No Texture'  haha

I ran into Linkin Slate testing out one of his vehicles.

A shot of the copy of Bonefacio.  That big tree is a creation of Fleabite Beach.  A few years later she gave us a copy.  We put it out every year at Christmas time.  It is super primmy!  You can also see one that is out all year round in FairChang Expo.

Another shot of the testing in Bonefacio.

I love this shot of Garth and me in Dore admiring the moon.

Chat to you later!  Sorry I left off the blogging the last nine months,  I kinda lost heart after Garth died in September.