Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Married on the Runway!

After waiting almost an hour for the crashed Lime region to be fixed and brought back up,  we gave up and our wonderful friends marshaled and they went to our home and did a fabulous job of decorating our runway.  Valfalroth Grimm make an arbor in the wink of an eye,  Baccara set out the flowers,  and someone rolled out a red carpet.  Fey Brightwillow and Evie Fairchild were involved too, but I was too excited to really know who did what!

Wedding on the Runway - fc size 

2003-11-22 Wedding guests 01 - fc size

The guests perched all over,  one on the roof, one on top of the arbor, one on top of the Vote Machine!  They sat on the runway wall.  Clyde was full and some had to hang on the edge of Hawthorn looking in.

2003-11-22 Walking to the altar 01 - fc size

I am rushing down the aisle!  Garth can’t keep up.  His and his Best Man’s kilt were made by Fey Brightwillow. My gown was made by Frankie Beach.  You may notice that my bouquet is just attached to the front of me.  It was very difficult in those days to control one’s hands. My engagement and wedding ring was made by Torrid Midnight (I am still wearing it).

2003-11-22 Garth & Pit 03 - fc size

In front of the Altar

2003-11-22  Garth & Pituca, Husband & Wife - fc size 

And now we are wed!  With us from left to right is fleabite Beach, Hikaru Yamamoto, Athos Murphy and Crowcatcher Valen.

Then came the news that Lime was back up,  and over we went for the reception that Baccara Rhodes had prepared for us.

2003 11-22 Rezzing St Isidores - fc sized

2003-11-22  the Reception - fc size

That is all for the moment,  I will continue our saga soon.

Love to you all from Pituca.

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