Monday, October 31, 2011

Honeymoon and the Move to Olive. November 2003

Evie Fairchild owned her own region named Cayman Island,  she graciously gave us 24 hour use of it for our honeymoon.  We had a great time exploring Elysian, that was built by a wonderful team of builders she had put together.  I wish I remembered all their names,  I only recall Chip Midnight, Valfaroth Grimm, Mickey Roark and of course Evie.
Boating on Elysian - fc size
Boating on Elysian 02 - fc size
2003-11-22 At the wreck - fb size
There was a shipwreck to explore and sharks to dodge.
2003-11-22 Remains of Bonecrusher - fc size
Avast me hearty!  We imagined that this is what is left of Bonecrusher Slade!
We received some wonderful wedding presents,  among them (beside the gift of using a private island for our honeymoon) were a party ship from Ananda Sandgrain and a lovely statue of Garth and me dancing at our wedding made by Lordfly Didgeridoo.  You can still see the statue in our Lighthouse Store.
Wedding gift from Lordfly Digeridoo - fc size
Ananda Sandgrain & her Party Ship - fc size
Unfortunately I never used the party ship as I never was any good at controlling vehicles!
Then the Lindens converted the old sandbox of Olive into a regular region and instead of the usual way of buying land, which was to fly in an grab a chunk for L$1 a 16 meter square, they carved the parcels and auctioned them off.  One of the parcels that went begging was a quarter of Olive.  Garth decided he wanted to move there.  I resisted as I didn’t want to move to an M region and I loved my island on Clyde.  And Olive was a high plateau and had an ugly rocky texture.  He insisted that he could terraform it to my liking. 
The saturday following our wedding I spent time with my RL family and he dedicated himself to carving out a wonderful valley!  He was a true master terraformer.  Our home nestled in quite nicely.  He made a prim waterfall that cascaded down the the level of the region below it.  Above the house we placed the runway.
FairChang Valley in Olive 02 - fc size
The following in a picture of when Fleabite Beach came to visit.
031 Pitu & Flea 11-25-03 - fc size
I am wearing the official Fairlight Flight tee shirt.  After our wedding we combined our names into FairChang (Fairlight + Chang).  Garth then made new Tees that are black with red logo. From then on the FairChang name was used on all of his creations.  Of course there was no way to change the official SL name as yet but we created groups for that.
It wasn’t until a little over two years later that the Lindens officially were able to change our name to FairChang.  It was quite an endeavor as our rez dates remained the same but the name had to be changed on all our objects and all the calling cards we had out in world.  And the land we owned!  It was quite a database change they did and to this day I still appreciate that gift they gave us on the occasion of our RL wedding in 2006.


  1. Pituca, these memories are lovely. The photos look so dated to today's residents of SL, but they look so familiar to me. Please continue to post your memories. I love them.

    Hugs, Nber Medici

  2. These are really great memories to capture! The history of SL is sooo easy to forget. In fact, it's one reason I began blogging in the first place.