Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Our Wedding

Garth and I picked Thursday, November 22nd to get married in Second Life, we asked Athos Murphy to do the honors of officiating at our wedding.  He not only said yes, he immediately set to work building a fantastic church for us.  He modeled it on the National Cathedral of Washington DC.
2003-11-17  Athos building the church - fc size 
2003-11-17 St Isidore's - fc size
St. Isidores nearing completion.
We rented the Lime region.  That was the first time the Lindens rented out one of their regions.  We felt quite honored.
We hired the inimitable Baccara Rhodes to be our wedding planner and she and her minions did a wonderful job.  There was a lot of excitement in the Second Life community about our impending nuptials.  Garth asked old buddy CrowCatcher Valen to be his best man.  My dear friend fleabite Beach was my maid of honor and long time friend Hikaru Yamamoto was to be my flower girl.
sidenote: Crow and flea served in the same roles in 2006 in our real life wedding!
2003-11-22 Setting up for wedding - fc size
Setting the church up for the wedding,  Colin Linden with the white hair, Baccara Rhodes and Fey Brightwillow.  I don’t who the fellow is in the top hat.
2003-11-22 Church 02 - fc size 2003-11-22 Church - fc size 2003-11-22 St Isadores 05 - fc size
Remember this magnificent church was built long before megaprims and sculpties.  Built bit by bit with a normal prim.
Skrull (I don’t remember his last name) had a wonderful organ he had built and he donated it for our use that day.
Skrulls Church organ 
Garth and I practicing walking down the aisle.  Not easy to walk side by side back then before animations!
Garth & Pit practicing with Haney before wedding - fc size
Here we are grouping before the ceremony,  I am in the halter top,  Hikaru (my flower girl) is next to me.  Haney Linden is the fellow with the blue hair. Garth and Crow are standing at the back. 
We proceeded to get dressed for the ceremony,  I arrived at Lime with my entourage in a Limo Garth made for us.  I had no sooner landed that the dreaded happened!  A grefier attacked and brought the region to it’s knees and we were all knocked off line.
Here we are in our wedding finery waiting for Lime to rise.  But no such luck :-(
2003-11-22 After the Lime crash - fc size
The rescue coming in the next post.


  1. I'm loving this! thank you for writing it down :-D

  2. Thank you for sharing not only SL history, but the funny, private moments of your life there - I love these posts :)

  3. These are truly precious moments.
    Thank you!

  4. What a great memory - thanks for posting this Pituca! Here's a link to the chapter I wrote on the wedding as well, for anyone who may be interested: