Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coney and Luna

2003-09-26 Coney & Luna - fc size
In September 2003 the Lindens created a two region area for an amusement park.  People were allowed their own square of land to recreate a fun ride for all of the Second Life residents to enjoy.
Garth was asked to script a Volcano Ride.
2003-09-11 Volcano Ride 12 - fc size
One would hop into a dragon when it came into the landing and it would take you around and through a volcano on a roller coaster ride.
2003-09-11 Volcano Ride 11 - fc size
Garth put a lot of work into that ride,  I wish I could remember who built it and commissioned him to script it. 
Slate water ride - fc size
Linkin and Nyna Slate built this refreshing water ride.
2003-10-15 Luna 01 - fc size 
2003-10-15 Luna 02 - fc size
2003-10-15 Luna 03 - fc size
In front of Sinatra Cartier’s Spook House (which is still around some place in SL) with some of our old Americana Group friends.  Garth is in the camo and to my right is Ironchef Cook and the green Hulk is Bonecrusher Slate.
I wish I could find the rest of my pictures.  There were lots of fun things to do,  bumper cars, roller coasters etc etc.  I don’t remember how long Coney and Luna were up,  but early on in 2004 Coney disappeared and Luna was made into a Linden sponsored shopping gallery.

More soon!  My next post will be about our Second Life Wedding on November 22. 2003

Love to you all from Pituca…………….


  1. Dear...I do hope you understand how important hearing the history is for so many of us. Pictures are wonderful, but for some of us the pictures have so little meaning without the story that goes with them.
    Again, Thank you from Benares Secondlife and Imperial Beach!

  2. Hi Pituca - The Spook House is indeed still around but only 1 place now:

  3. This is great, and gives some views of LindenWorld I'd never seen before. Most out there were taken form the causeway looking into LindenWorld for some reason, not from the inside out. The shot with nothing in it is especially great to see. Thanks for sharing this!