Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trial 1.1 in September 2003

In September the Linden's made a copy of several sims and we were invited to go and try out our stuff for the launching of 1.1.  That's when vehicle scripting came in.

Our good friend Neferon Kuroda rezzed in next to me in one of the testing areas.

I was there when Loki Pico arrived and caught this picture of him still unrezzed.

They had a copy of Prelude there also.  That was what Orientation Island was called back then.  It was interesting seeing a copy of where I had arrived in SL four months earlier.

Following are some of my pictures of residents testing in Test 1.1.  A couple of the residents are wearing clothing that says 'No Texture'  haha

I ran into Linkin Slate testing out one of his vehicles.

A shot of the copy of Bonefacio.  That big tree is a creation of Fleabite Beach.  A few years later she gave us a copy.  We put it out every year at Christmas time.  It is super primmy!  You can also see one that is out all year round in FairChang Expo.

Another shot of the testing in Bonefacio.

I love this shot of Garth and me in Dore admiring the moon.

Chat to you later!  Sorry I left off the blogging the last nine months,  I kinda lost heart after Garth died in September. 


  1. Pituca, thank you so much for continuing this story. While there are some pictures around by various people...what's equally important, if not more so, are the storys.
    I know I'm and old fool...but my hope is that these stories outlast us current residents...and provide a way for new people to see how those of you that came first made this place what it can be.

  2. Hi Pituca, it's good to see you back & blogging about the years before I joined again - these posts are wonderful as they provide me with a view to a past I missed. Thank you not only for the pictures, but for the naratives that flesh them out so much :)

  3. I could sit and listen to your stories, and look at the piccies, for hours an hours. I love hearing about the Second Life I missed.

  4. Glad to see you posting again!