Friday, June 27, 2008

Going Live! - June 22, 2003

On June 22nd in the evening we all congregated in the Welcome Area (Ahern or Morris I imagine) for the Going Live party. The Lindens constructed a traveling, glittering ball (a la Times Square New Years ball), we all drank and cheered and waved our sparklers.

Philip Linden addressed the crowd, it was a very exciting evening.

I am the avatar in the lower right with a blue shirt standing next to the fellow with a sparkler in his hand.

AND the biggest news was that 2 days later, June 24th, Garth Fairlight signed into Second Life for the first time. He was a very experienced avatar having been on for about 2 years, and he had run an Ultima Online shard using Sphereserver for a year and a half in the UK. He had been looking for a virtual world where he could build and script and not have to kill monsters to level up.

He bought a parcel in DeHaro too and built his own tent.

But we never ran into each other there. He lived in London so he waited up all night for scripting classes because there was never anyone online in his daytime. Later he bought land in Varney and built his house, which is still available in our Lighthouse Store!

We didn't meet till the 4th of July, but more about that later

Chat at you all later.........Pituca

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  1. I didn't find you till just a day or so ago Pituca....It's so important to myself and many others that your stories continue...Phillip and linden Lab gave us the platform... you guys gave us Secondlife.